Music Recording

In short a record producer has to have faith and belief in what he is doing,

as otherwiese he'll not convince anyone else,you've to be aware of how

many people will hear music, and pretty much everyone is lisiting to mp3.

Now its called diffrent name for new clubs and new music and there's a diffrent puplic.

Ashley Illa

Ashley Illa

Ashley Illasung the greatest hit I saw you dancing in the rain now.

That was a really brilliant song. She sung more greatest hits like.

You'll be mine, Listen to your heart, Fly, A little breath of love and passion,

Where is your love and much more.
Ashley had a performances in London for a special song

We are together. That was absolutely brilliant

About SJCRecords

SJCRecords produce house and dance music.
There are also prtformance in London.
Djs like DJ Tippo,DJ H and DJ Joe D.
There are also special DJ's, who also want to put on Drum‘n‘ Bass.
That‘s really fun.
There are also well known Djs.
Ashley Illa had a performances in London for a special
That‘svery good to hear, brilliant sound like Drum‘nBass,house
and dance music.

DJs Equipments

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